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How does a driver decide which series to compete in next season? 

There are numerous options in open-wheel racing, and trying to choose where to go can be a bit confusing. 

We believe the decision becomes far easier when a driver considers his or her ultimate goals. 

Some championships focus on inexpensive track time, which usually means that they schedule their dates at low-key and often non-spectator events to save money for the series and ultimately require less from the competitors to cover their costs. This is fine for drivers who want decent competition and fun but aren’t concerned with personal exposure.

For some drivers, it is important to stay close to home. Choosing a series that does not require distant travel has advantages for them. For these drivers, club racing is an attractive option. 

Most career-minded drivers, however, see the value in receiving some level of training to perfect their skills as pro drivers while also getting their names out to higher level team owners and the media. Racing where they can achieve a solid return for their sponsors’ investments is also very important, as sponsorship is critical in climbing the professional ladder. 

Sponsors, of course, prefer to be in front of the large crowds that high-profile events provide. 

The best advice is to select a series based upon your needs and aspirations. For drivers moving up, strong competition at great venues with wide exposure is what you should seek. 

The Cooper Tires USF2000 Championship Powered by Mazda will compete at seven premier events in 2014 all in support of the IndyCar Series with highlight shows on the NBC Sports Network and MOTORS TV in Europe, and further exposure our new RoadToIndy.TV initiative - a web-based TV channel to take fans behind-the-scenes with videos on our drivers and teams to showcase the rising stars of the Mazda Road to Indy. 

We provide extensive media coverage through our staff and through the IndyCar Series’ public relations department.

Our Mazda scholarship is a huge incentive alone for career-minded drivers. 

In addition, training such as the Mazda Road to Indy Summit Program held in conjunction with USF2000 race events at St. Petersburg and Indianapolis truly develops drivers who are climbing up towards the IndyCar Series and Indianapolis 500.

For drivers who would like to see if they can make a career in open-wheel racing, there is only one choice. 

Please contact us and let us help you reach your goals.