Jim Hallman - Overall Start/Finish Positions (Class Positions Not Shown)
Race#Event NameDateTrackStartFinish
1Drift Atlanta R15/13/06Road Atlanta2314
2Drift Atlanta R25/13/06Road Atlanta2319
3Mid Ohio R35/20/06Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course2325
4Mid Ohio R45/21/06Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course28
7Cleveland R76/24/06Grand Prix of Cleveland1817
8Cleveland R86/25/06Grand Prix of Cleveland16
9Toronto R97/8/06Toronto Street Circuit117
10Toronto R107/9/06Toronto Street Circuit129
11NASA Mid-Ohio R119/16/06Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course1612
12NASA Mid-Ohio R129/17/06Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course1413
13Road America R139/23/06Road America2215
14Road America R149/24/06Road America2122
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